Congratulations to the dancers who attended the October feiseanna.  

Special congratulations to:
First Feisers—Oriana Bradley, Jillian Emmerich,
Maddy Kennedy, Ellie Kenny,  and Maddie Pitzer.
Stephanie Ashe on completing qualifications for Prizewinner.
Abbey McBride for getting her first qualification for PC.
Olivia Tegge for completing qualifications for PC.
Shaye Coughlin and Emma Pergams on qualifying for the
2018 Mid-America Oireachtas.

Good luck to the dancers attending the November feiseanna: South
Dakota and Chicago Autumn.

Special good luck wishes to our dancer competing at the
2017 Mid-America Oireachtas.
Soloists: Jon Alexander, Hannah Barnes,
              Shaye Coughlin, and Emma Pergams.

Traditional Sets: Stephanie Ashe, Faith Bailey, Shannon Bigelow,
Suzanne Bigelow, Brigid Bolz, Jenna Brady, Leah Brier, Tara Deane,
Lauren Duffin, Pilar Fisher, Lydia Foy, Kiera Fraim, Hallie Madigan,
Abbey McBride, Cael Morrow, Riley O’Halloran, Colleen Richardson,
Olivia Tegge, Carl Tubbs, and Julia Tubbs.

If you are not doing anything the Friday and Saturday of Thanksgiving
weekend, why not come out and cheer them on at the Schaumburg
Convention Center.  Jon, Hannah, Shaye and Emma dance on Friday,
everyone else on Saturday.

The following feiseanna are open for registration-
Wisconsin Winterfeis, Jan 20, Oconomowoc, WI
Dairyland Feis, Jan 21, Oconomowoc, WI
Academy Feis, Jan 21, Westerville, OH

There will be no class in Chicago Fri Nov 10 and Mon Nov 13. There will
be no class in Batavia Sat Nov 11.

There will be no SMOW classes Nov 14 & Nov 21.
There will be no class in Chicago Wed Nov 22 and Fri Nov 24.
There will be no class in Batavia Sat Nov 25.

Practice Tip of the Month
TURN OUT: This is the comment given most often for all levels.  Get a
tennis ball (or any firm object with approx the same diameter) place it
between your ankles.  Walk on your toes, DON’T DROP THE BALL! 
Remember this tips are only useful it you actually do them and don’t just
read them!!!

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Instagram. You can send photos to

Attention All Dancers:
Don’t forget to join our yahoo group so you don’t miss any important
announcements and/or information.  It just takes a second to join.  You
do not want to miss any important news. You can join at:
or use the link at the bottom of the opening page of the website.  When
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Foywear items are now available for order.  
Deadlines are firm.  Custom item orders (PopSockets and Ornaments)
are due Nov 5.  Foywear item orders are due Nov 10.

You can find links to view the items on our Facebook and Website.  
Questions can be sent .

Christmas is coming!! Looking for gift ideas??? Shannon Brier (Leah’s
mom) is now a Thirty-One rep.  Contact her to see the latest ideas in fun
bags, and what dancer cannot use more bags?!! You can reach her here:

Once again, Good luck to our Oireachtas dancers!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!