Congratulations to the dancers who attended the August feiseanna!
Special congratulations to:
McMenamin Feis
Hannah Barnes 2nd OC O18
Livvie Tegge 2nd PCO17

Glass City Feis
Leah Brier 4th PC U16

Good luck to the dancers attending the September feiseanna:
Scottish Feis, Kansas City, Highland Games, Heart of America,
Michigan Feis, Minnesota Feis and St Paul Autumn Feis.

The following feiseanna are open for registration--        
Minnesota Feis September 29 St Paul, MN
St Paul Autumn Feis September 30 St Paul, MN
Pat Roche Feis October 6 Rosemont, IL
Windy City Feis October 7 Rosemont, IL

Gem City Feis, October 13 Troy, OH
Lindsey Marie Feis October 14 Troy, OH
MG Halloween Feis October 27 McCook, IL
Black and White Feis October 28 McCook, IL

The regular schedules in Chicago and Batavia will return on September 8.

Practice Tip of the Month:
Put a strip of tape on the floor of your practice area. Practice doing your
hop three over the line.  You should lift in back and cross if front making
sure your front foot cross the line created by the tape and you keep your
back foot on the opposite side of the line.  It will be necessary to lift your
back foot high for the hop in order to get it to cross the line when brought

Congratulations to our senior dancers on their participation in the
filming of a movie promoting peace through dance.  Find out more about
the movie at:
Instagram: dancingjoymovie
Facebook: Dancing Joy
Be sure to like and follow so we can get a private screening!

Due to the positive feedback we received after our performance at Daley
Plaza and the Irish American Heritage Center, we are going to design
T-shirts that may be worn for appropriate performances. Stay tuned for
more details.

Attention All Dancers:
Don’t forget to join our yahoo group so you don’t miss any important
announcements and/or information.  It just takes a second to join.  You
do not want to miss any important news. You can join at:
or use the link at the bottom of the opening page of the website.  When
asked for info about yourself,  just enter your name.