Congratulations to the dancers who attended the May feiseanna!

Special Congratulations to:
Leah Brier:   4th PC U17 Queen City Feis
                      5th PC U16/17 Chicago Feis
Kiera Fraim: 7th PC U16 Celtic Spirit Feis
                      4th PC U16/17 Chicago Feis

Good luck to the dancers Feis attending the June feiseanna—Detroit,
Indianapolis, Mullane Godley, Louisville, Northern MidAmerica,
Father’s Day, Bluegrass State, &10,000 Lakes.

The following feiseanna are open for registration—
At www.quickfeis.com:
An Samhra July 27 St Louis, MO
Friendship Feis July 28 St Louis, MO
Nation’s Capital July 27-28 Washington DC
Milwaukee Feis August 10 Milwaukee, WI
McMenamin Feis August 11 Milwaukee, WI
Great Lakes Feis August 17 Toledo, OH
Glass City Feis August 18 Toledo, OH
At www.feisworx.com:
Badger State Feis July 20 Milwaukee, WI
Cream City Feis July 21 Milwaukee, WI
Columbus Feis August 2-3 Columbus, OH
Greater St Louis Feis August 25 St Louis, MO
Kansas City Feis August 31 Kansas City, MO
Celtic Spirit Feis May 5 Milwaukee, WI

Practice Tip of the Month: Keeping Your Arms In: Good arms start with
good posture. Keep your shoulders back. Arm strength is needed to keep
your arms straight & down.  Improve your arm strength by doing push ups.  
Take 2 index cards and place them between your arms & body, take two
pennies & put one in each hand.  Now practice your steps.  Every time either
an index card or a penny drops it means your arms are not still.  Practice until
you can do all your steps without dropping either the pennies or cards.

The summer session in Batavia begins Thursday, June 20 at 10AM.
The summer schedule will begin in Chicago on Wednesday, June 26 at 6PM.

Private classes are available upon request.

The sign up for the performance at the Irish American Heritage Center is
now open on
Sign Up Genius.  You can find the link on the website.

Congratulations to our senior dancers on their participation in the filming of a
movie promoting peace through dance.   
Instagram: dancingjoymovie
Facebook: Dancing Joy
Website: www.joydancemovie.com
UPDATE: They are adding credits to the film now and will soon be
announcing a “sneak  preview”  date.

Attention All Dancers:
Don’t forget to join our yahoo group so you don’t miss any important
announcements and/or information.  It just takes a second to join.  You do
not want to miss any important news. You can join at:
or use the link at the bottom of the opening page of the website.  When asked
for info about yourself, just enter your name.

Congratulations to our dancers in the class of 2019.  Grade School,
High School & College!

Happy Father’s Day to all our great dads!